Apartment or chalet in Verbier: it’s your choice!

You wish to buy a property but you’re not sure if you should opt for an apartment or a chalet in ? Or maybe you’d like to rent it instead… either way, it’s the desires and idea linked to a certain way of life that makes the difference for future residents in Verbier. You may believe, for example, that a chalet is more luxurious. Yet, if you listen to the local promoters, the option of an apartment now offers high-end solutions that satisfy the most demanding clients.

Of course, a chalet often gives you more space and freedom because it is a more individual property without any close neighbours. It often comes with an exceptional view over the Alpine landscape and more sophisticated facilities (games room, fitness centre, swimming pool etc.). But try to imagine yourself in an apartment in Verbier, high up in the rooftops of a magnificent building – it can almost feel like you’re staying in a luxurious chalet.

Residents who are particularly keen on the sports activities available in the resort of Val de Bagnes will appreciate the exceptional environment. Young freeriders, who come from all over the world to enjoy the slopes of Mont-Fort, tend to rent an apartment – unless they’re lucky enough to have parents who already are owners.

The Val de Bagnes resort also offers a first rate banking service for all future buyers. The private bankers are there to guide you, using their know-how and their understanding of your lifestyle, to make the right decisions regarding the management of your wealth – and, naturally, to give you all the useful advice you need to buy an apartment or a chalet.

Within the area of client services, owners or tenants can count on the skills of numerous competent companies. Administration, concierge and relocation services are their strong points and are deciding factors for clients.