When the idea of a chalet rental in Verbier keeps you awake at night...


Imagine the dilemma of a wealthy man, in love with the mountains and a regular at the resort of Verbier: should he choose to rent a chalet in Verbier or should he take the leap and buy? A banker from London even decided to spend his holiday in Valais to evaluate the real value of chalet rental in Verbier. Of course, he had no problem discovering the advantages of renting a chalet in Verbier – thanks to all the professional advice he received. But when it came to thinking about the option of buying, the idea of renting sometimes lost its flavour: the buying option seemed to have so much going for it.

Despite his dilemma, he still intended to stick to the rental formula. Although he did wonder whether a chalet rental in Verbier was more or less worthwhile than renting in another resort in the Valais. After all, there are other famous resorts in Valais. Still, the idea of a chalet rental in Verbier remained unbeatable. The formula had the particular advantage of allowing him to change residences each year and surprise his friends and guests. In fact, he had never hidden the fact the option of a chalet rental in Verbier gave him a certain sense of freedom and ultimately, less worry. Thanks to his capacity for persuasion, he even ended up encouraging other fans of the resort to opt for the same system of a chalet rental in Verbier.

Even if you follow the advice of a good banker on the question of a chalet rental in Verbier, take the time to find out for yourself on the ground – via local estate agencies and the tourist office in particular. There’s such a wide choice of chalet rentals in Verbier on offer and at so many different rates. Whatever the season, you will find something to suit you and no doubt, at the end of your stay in the resort of Val de Bagnes, you will have no regrets about having opted for the system of a chalet rental in Verbier: highly select, highly productive.