A victim of its own success, Verbier has to reinvent itself.

Indeed, there is not enough constructible land to meet the demand for property in Verbier, and the situation is intensifying.

Over the years, property in Verbier has become a valuable holding for numerous investors who have understood that it offers a way of increasing their capital. However, locals have to continually adapt to the situation. Finding a place in Verbier is not easy for them and there is a risk that the only solution will be for them to move out of the resort.

Prestigious residences, the jewels of the property market, are becoming emblems of traditional Valais architecture thanks to the use of old wood and regional stone. The tendency to emphasis the local architectural heritage of Valais is appreciated by Verbier property aficionados who recognise an opportunity to sell at ever-increasing prices. The client always wins in this situation, even though only accessible to clients with superior revenues. The new owners are not concerned about the expenditure, because they know it's a sign of status, representing a certain quality of life. Today, promoters have learned to surf on this modern wave with skill, bringing together fortune and comfort – and their success is only going to increase its development, for the greater benefit of the local economy.